1. Hiatus

    I haven’t posted recently, I know. There are a few reasons for this but I’m just going to share one of them with you. To cut a long dull story short, I bought a lens from outside the EU and now it’s caught up in some customs nightmare that’s dragged on for nearly a month and shows no obvious sign of concluding. As such I’ve not really had the motivation to go out and take photos, I hope this will all soon be resolved. I also bought an Xbox One. Okay that’s two reasons. Forgive me.


  2. mooseblogtimes said: Hello,Thomas. I`m new here and i see you are popular. Could you tell me , please, how did you get so many followers and achieved such success?

    I just took photos of cars, posted them up and it went from there. I was fortunate enough to catch the eye of some fairly influential “lifestyle” bloggers who pushed my content to huge audiences and then got noticed by Tumblr staff themselves. I wish there was some amazing trick I could teach you but my story is boringly simple, I posted photos I took, enjoyed the experience and got noticed.





  6. Every now and then boredom leads me to a good story.